5 Conference Room Accessories That Always Go Missing

Don’t you just hate situations when you’re about to start your conference meeting, everything is setup and ready to go and as it turns out, you’re missing some conference room accessories are missing like remote for the TV. Everybody’s starting to trickle in and take their places and you’re now left with the decision of trying to find the remote on the ground or risk everybody’s health and safety and climb up to turn it on by hand!

These situations are not uncommon in some organizations.  Sneaky co-workers ‘borrowing’ objects with the half intention of bringing them back to where they got them from or maybe just an honest mistake and it fell into someone’s bag but whatever the excuse is, here’s a list of the five most common conference room accessories to always see to disappear off the face of the planet!


HDMI Cables

The bane of the most conference rooms, the traditional HDMI cable.  A necessity in the majority of conference rooms, it’s not uncommon to question this one as you would have thought every room would just have one as standard.  Obviously the work of the more notorious office workers who cannot be bothered to head down to supply room and get a spare, would rather just pinch one from next door and never think of the matter again or maybe try to go wireless.

Essential Conference Room Accessories

This one is an umbrella term for all the little bits and pieces that should always be present in your conference rooms but once again find their way into peoples bags and desks.  Pens, pencils, highlighters and paper clips, these are all little things that used to have their own designated pots in the middle of the conference tables, a pot that is now half full of dust and pencil shavings.  Maybe it’s time to completely go digital and save all this stress.

Air Conditioning Remotes

There’s nothing worse than sitting through a conference meeting, maybe with the company board or an executive client and hearing that the room is too hot or too cold.  This isn’t a bad request in itself, but it’s normally the case that you open the top draw to find the air conditioning remote has vanished!

These remotes don’t even work in the other rooms so why would they need to leave? You search high and low for it, behind the cupboards and desks, under the tables, trying your best to remain professional and calm but to no such luck.

Unfortunately, now comes the time where you have to stand by the air-con unit and try and figure out how to operate it without the remote and as we all know, they never make it easy.

Somewhere To Sit

Considered by many to be one of the most irritating pieces of equipment to go missing, the chairs. How is it that there is never enough chairs in your building? You would have thought it would have been easy maths to say there’s 10 employees so we’ll get 10-15 chairs for everybody but apparently that isn’t the case! People take them, borrow them, steal them, put their feet on them or just seeking for one that’s more comfortable and never replaces it, Hunting down chairs for your conference room can one demoralising task!


Projector Remotes

Similar to the air-con remotes, remotes for the projectors in conferences rooms are one of the most irritating situations to find yourself in. Whether you’re preparing for a meeting or it’s about to start, hunting down that illusive projector remote can make or break your day.

Where do they even go? They can never be found in desks, stationary cupboards, other rooms and then just miraculously, one day, you’ll enter the conference room and there it is, right there on the table, waiting to be used. It’s a funny world we live in.

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