3 Signs Your Conference Room Might Need An Audio Switcher

By minimizing potential problems in your conference rooms, you’re ensuring that no time is wasted by trying to sort out issues with the technology, allowing for maximum productivity. One of the most vital technologies used in conference rooms today is an audio switcher. An audio switcher is a small piece of equipment or software that allows the users to effortlessly change audio devices that are being used, silently and without effort.  Compatible audio devices include both microphones and speakers, giving your meetings a professional atmosphere and minimizing the risk of miscommunication.

Today, we will explore three reasons why an audio switcher may benefit your conference room meetings and why it may be a worthwhile investment for your company.


Overlapping Sound Input

Have you ever been in a meeting and the microphones on the table have started to interfere with each other? This is a broad statement and can include anything from feedback occurring between the microphones or multiple individuals being able to talk at the same time, resulting in overlap and everybody present being unable to hear what is being said.

By using an audio switcher, you are able to keep all microphones in the room off until needed alongside the ability to easily switch them on if required. This means that even if you have microphones in the room that are not being used at the time, if people join the meeting at a later time, they can be easily turned on and used when necessary.

Using Relevant Speakers

Sometimes you may have 2-3 people using your conference room, sometimes you may have 15+. If you have multiple speakers located around your conference room, you may not need all of them at all times.

By using an audio switcher, you would gain the ability to effortlessly change which speakers in a room are being used, ensuring that sound is not too loud or unnecessarily being used, saving electricity at the same time.

The same can also be done if your conference room has multiple speaker setups. Imagine a conference room has speakers connected to the microphones, speakers connected to the screens and speakers specially used for connected devices such as laptops. Instead of having to spend time turning on and off the relevant speakers and having to connect and disconnect all the cables and wires, you could simply install an audio switcher to save time and effort.

Increase The Lifespan On Your Technology

Are you constantly plugging and unplugging cables and wires into your conference room setup? By doing this, especially as in most cases this can occur multiple times a day, you are wearing out your cables which, in time, will fray and break them, meaning you have to invest in buying more. As a company, it’s the worst case scenario if this happens halfway through a meeting and spares are not available.

By installing a multi-channel audio switcher, you can leave the wires for all your speakers, microphones and technology cables plugged in at all times, meaning any individual can enter your conference room, plug in their device and use whatever equipment they need straight away and without timely issues!

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