Shockingly simple—and effective

Increase your walk-through rateTM in four easy steps

1. Plug in the Zenreach access point

2. Grow a smart customer list 5x faster

3. Automate your marketing campaigns

4. Bring people back through your door

Plug-and-play setup

Plug in your access point, upload a logo, and voila—your customers receive free, fast Wi-Fi. One time sign in gives them WiFi access each time they visit—and puts you on the road to increasing your walk-through rate™.

Seamless integration

Support for existing security infrastructure, and we’re hardware agnostic.

Customized mobile gateway

Your business’ logo and information, including special offers, custom images and social media accounts. All in your look and feel.

Unlimited customer support

Have questions about your setup, connection, or analytics data? We answer them.


A smart customer list—5X faster

Forget manual inputs. The first time a customer accesses WiFi, we add them to your smart CRM. Each time they come back, we learn more about them, from spending habits and demographics to lifetime value. We then use this information to calculate their walk-through rate™—and to help you send really smart messages. (Want to gather email addresses and phone numbers from your website? We do that, too—at no extra charge!)

Immediate customer segmentation

Capture context with each piece of contact information, including frequency of visit, gender, or age.

Real-time foot traffic analysis

Review how many customers used WiFi each day (and how many new customers you’ve gathered!)

Integration with your toolkit

Automatically sync emails from OpenTable or purchase data from your POS, and help your marketing reach more customers.

Automated customer loyalty

A static database is dead weight. Zenreach’s smart customer list means your marketing is triggered by purchase behavior—and you connect with customers at the optimal time. Our favorite bit? If you’re short on time, just select a pre-written template to get the messages going. Anyone who receives a message and returns to your restaurant within a week counts as a “walk-through.”

smart massage
smart massage

Behavior-triggered messages

Customers receive communication relevant to them, whether it’s their first or 100th visit.

Expert designed templates

Easily speak to first time, returning, and lost customers in a way that makes sense—and makes sales!

Customizable one-off messages

Promote events to local women ages 25-44 who visit Sunday mornings—or everyone else.

Your walk-through rate

Welcome to the only metric that matters. Zenreach automatically reaches out to “lost” customers, and tells you whether they come back after receiving a message. Our proprietary walk-through rate and online-to-offline analytics offer real insight into whether your marketing is effective, and help you discover your most loyal guests.

Revenue at a glance

Discover the ROI on your marketing campaign—how many people walked through your door as a result of an email or text?

Loyalty-based campaigns

Automatically reward your best customers and encourage them to return for more (ideally with friends in tow).

Customer-level data

Pinpoint your most loyal customers, whether it’s women in their 20s or men in their 40s.