How 1 Multi-Purpose Room can turn into 6 Different Rooms

Multi-purpose rooms are fantastic in the sense that they can be used for anything, depending on the situation at the time and what your companies requirements are. But have you ever wondered what the best idea for your multi-purpose room is and how it should be used? If you’re ever out of ideas or looking for a way to revitalize your room, here is six ways you could adapt your room to make the most out of it.


Multi-Purpose Room for Team Building

When brainstorming ways to bring your teams together, it can be costly and sometimes against budget requirements to take all of your employees out on a team building day. There’s no better way to bring your teams together than converting your multi-purpose room into a team building room.

With minimal investment, you can purchase items such as small table football setup or pool table, sofas and seating areas or televisions. By utilizing your room in this way, you are creating a space for your employees to connect with one another in a fun, friendly and engaging environment, boosting moral and inter-employee relations which allow you teams to get to know each other better and create deeper bonds. All this combined will increase productivity in your workforce.

Bonus Office Space

Not everybody works best when sat a desk tapping, away at a computer. By converting your multi-purpose room into a light-hearted yet fully functional office space, employees will have the chance to move away from their desks, connect with other team members and work in a different environment and atmosphere.

By allowing employees this choice, individuals who work best when not confined to the limits of their desks will be able to express themselves more freely and become more productive and will be able to handle their workloads more efficiently.

This multi-purpose room function is especially great when it comes to teams, for example, if your advertisement team has been stuck on an idea or brainstorming ways to move forward in a project, by allowing them a place for a change of scenery whilst maintaining the opportunity to work, some individuals can feel inspired and will gain the ability to think of new ideas which will benefit your company.

Storage Room

Some offices, especially those that have been established a long time, can have a lot of equipment laying around. These is true in most offices, specifically after a recent update in technology or other relevant office upgrades.

By utilizing your multi-purpose room into a well organized stationary/equipment room, you will be able to allow your employees to find exactly what they need and easily monitor and control stock room spending. How many times do you see your employees searching around the office for a new pen or trying to find a replacement keyboard for their computer. Not only will these items be easily located, your employees will save a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted. This consequently results in happy, stress-free employees and an increase in completed work loads.


Employee Break Room

Similar to a team building room which can used alongside this function, a dedicated and up to date employee break room allows your work force to take a time out in a comfortable and inviting space, which gives them the opportunity to take a breather from their work and recharge their batteries. By allowing your employees this chance, you are ensuring that they are feeling relaxed and at their best to perform whatever tasks they are working on.

This will allow them to create better results in their work and completed tasks faster and to a higher standard, both of which benefits your company.

Function Room

Does your company ever host product launches or celebrate the completion of a difficult project?

If the answer is yes, or no, maybe now is the time to do so in a dedicated space. By reinventing your multi-purpose room into a function room, your company will now have a dedicated space that provides for these events. By hosting product launches or bringing your teams together to celebrate the end of a successful project, not only are you bringing your teams together in a happy and fun place, you are also giving your employees praise where it’s due, all at the same time.

This once again boosts moral in your employees and allows them the chance to take pride in their work which complements them in the knowledge that they have done a good job, boosting performance and productivity in future projects and on the completion of their day to day tasks.


Dedicated Client Room

When a client or customer comes to your office, whether as a visit or for a meeting, grey and uninviting meeting rooms can bore and disengage them. If you are in the presence of a bored or uninterested client, talks of deals and future prospects will not inspire them. Whatever field of business you are in, ensuring your clients are interested and ready to work with your company is one of the most important factors.

With this in mind, why not convert your multi-purpose room into a dedicated client space. By investing into your room to make sure it has a inviting atmosphere which reflects the passion behind your company, clients will be much more impressed and more likely make deals, discuss projects and want to work alongside your company.

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