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University of Waterloo Makes Presentation Easy by Using Ubiq to Wirelessly Present to Increase Productivity in their Meeting Rooms

University of Waterloo, voted to be one of the most innovative universities in Canada, had relied on conventional cables and even tried other wireless solutions to increase their productivity in meeting rooms. However, no solutions were suitable for their work environment as they have strict network restrictions. Therefore, the University of Waterloo adopted Ubiq to increase efficiency in meeting rooms and improve engagement with employees and guest throughout the presentation process.

Bringing in the Right Solutions at the Right Time

There are so many problems with cables and other wireless presentations for meeting rooms these days. The array of problems includes resolution errors, inefficient amount of wasted time for set-up, additional value of new equipment and the safety of all the cables on the floor. Therefore, it is tough not to switch over to a more simple solution.

The University of Waterloo understood the pain points of cables and even took the initiative to take on other wireless presentations to test out in their environment, but nothing worked in the enterprise setting for their meeting rooms. They’ve tested out other wireless solutions (hyperlink to product comparison landing page), and noticed that it doesn’t support Apple products, the latency was high, and didn’t support audio for their Skype calls. With many problems with their previous wireless solution, it was inevitable not to seek for other solutions.

While the University of Waterloo was seeking for a new solution, Ubiq introduced the solution to Colin Wallace, head of IT at the University of Waterloo, School of Accounting. “I was immediately impressed by the product, and all of the staff loves the product. Right after the evaluation process, I enjoyed working with the Ubiq team as they were very helpful and supported us throughout the whole process.”

A New Way to Connect

University of Waterloo quickly grew interest in the Ubiq solution, and was thoroughly surprised by the product – from the installation of the product to connectivity of the laptop screen to the projector. With Ubiq installed, the set-up time has been reduced in half – roughly 10-15 seconds to present. The beauty of it all is that I don’t get called down for fixes as much now which saves time for me and my users.” Colin also noted that the guest feature has made his life a lot easier, as he would need to create a separate WiFi account for his guest, or sometimes had to give his account to the guest hoping that everything goes well. Now with the Ubiq solution, he doesn’t need to do extra work for his guest to work in to make presentations.

About The University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is a public research university, which is situated in Waterloo, Ontario. Founded in 1957, University is one of the most innovative universities in Canada.

Colin Wallace

Colin Wallace

Head of IT, University of Waterloo- School of Accounting and Finance

“Three things I love about Ubiq is the predictability – what I see on my laptop will be seen on the projector, seamless connectivity and the ability of guest presenting in their environment.

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