6 Advantages of Small Conference Rooms

As the requirements of the modern day workplace is constantly changing, so is the landscape of offices around the world. Board rooms are becoming a thing of the past with more and more businesses adopting smaller, quieter spaces, for both internal and external meetings. With the recent boom in ‘huddle spaces’ and meeting sizes becoming smaller and smaller, today we explore six benefits that can be gained from using small conference rooms and what they can do for you.

Employee Retention

By using small conference rooms, or areas such as huddle spaces, you are immediately encouraging team work. As a smaller room, you consequently have a smaller groups of people, very different to meetings in board rooms where you may have in excess of 20+ individuals.

It’s a well-known fact that people enjoying working together and are much more efficient and productive when they feel like they are part of a team. By utilizing smaller meeting areas, you’re encouraging intimate conversations and boosting moral. As most small conference rooms come equipped with an AV set up, even remote workers can feel involved and therefore more likely to stay working for a company.

Increased Team Performance

Alongside this boost in moral, in turn, team performance will also dramatically increase. As with any type of team, if every member is onboard and there’s one goal to be achieved together, individuals become increasingly more productive, allowing entire teams to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

With smaller conference rooms, you may only have a maximum of 5 people to a meeting, allowing everyone to have their say and contribute to the agenda and task at hand.

Encouraging Remote Workers

With AV and television setups setup in the majority of small conference rooms, you’re encouraging remote workers, as they can still be an active member of any team within your business.

By increasingly remote workers, your company can save money on what otherwise would have been budgeted on expensive travel costs. Alongside the cost benefit, companies gain the ability to work with individuals, regardless of their location, ensuring your organization can employ the exact people needed to achieve goals and targets.

Cost Savings

Every aspect of a small conference room is designed to save your company money.  By encouraging remote workers (as above), you are able to save money on travel expenses with your employees.

By utilizing small conference rooms, you’re able to install much more cost-effective AV systems, as opposed to expensive enterprise video conferencing systems you would usually find in larger meeting rooms.

Efficient Office Design

The most expensive cost, as with any business, is real estate. Property prices rarely vary too drastically and it’s up to businesses and organizations to make the most of the space they have. By installing small conference rooms and huddle spaces, businesses are able to claim back room which would have otherwise been a large conference or meeting room and turn it into something more productive.  This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for an organization.

Meeting Flexibility

Considered the greatest advantage of using small conference rooms, freedom and flexibility. As meeting spaces are smaller, there is the opportunity for multiple conference rooms rather than one large room. This means that more meetings can happen simultaneously and in most cases, there’s no need to pre-book, schedule or fight over meeting spaces with other employees.

If something needs to be spoken about or discussed, smaller meeting rooms can be used instantly.  With an AV setup installed, meetings can be set up with workers, regardless of their location, boosting performance and productivity.

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