Plug-and-play setup

All you need to do is plug in the Ubiq Hive (or Windows PC) to your display via HDMI/VGA, connect it to your network via Ethernet, and power it up. Now, go to on Chrome or Firefox, type in the 5-digit HIVE code shown on the display, and present. You now have wireless projection in your meeting room!

Ubiq Hive

Seamless Integration

You do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to renovate your conference rooms. Ubiq can seamlessly integrate with your existing conference room displays and infrastructure.

Multiple Networks

Ubiq can integrate with multiple networks. This allows internal users to present over the corporate network, while guests can present over the guest network. Plus, it's all completely secure!

Never Feel Alone

You can setup the Ubiq Hive in under 5 minutes. Need help? We'll answer your questions in real-time. Chat with us below.

Multi-User Collaboration

Meetings for your users can start instantly - 10x faster

Throw away your conference room cables. Just go to or roll out the Ubiq application to all your internal users with the .msi installer to present.

Multi-User Collaboration

Collaborate with up to 4 users connected to the display simultaneously. Your users never have to pass the HDMI cord around the conference room table again.

Secure your Conference Room

Enable a 5-digit HIVE code so only users in the conference room will be allowed to present. Don't worry, the HIVE code changes every 2 hours so the conference room remains secure.

Integration with your Active Directory

You can set up access control via Active Directory so only specific users can present to certain displays and restrict others.

Guests can have productive meetings too!

Ubiq guarantees that your guests will have the best experience in your conference room when they connect to your display wirelessly. You will be able to support any device that they bring in to your conference room.

App-less presentation
App-less presentation

Guest experience: App-less

Your guests will use their browser to enter on Chrome or Firefox, type in the HIVE code shown on the display and present without having to install an application. No need to worry about locked down devices!

HD Presentations

Ubiq supports up to 4K resolutions with 30 fps. Your guests will be impressed with the quality of your conference room technology.

Security is Key!

Guests should not be on your corporate network just to present to your display. Ubiq ensures complete security by isolating the corporate and guest networks.

Display the Calendar

End the Battle between your Users for the Conference Rooms

Ubiq integrates with your calendar service (Google Calendar, Exchange 2013+, Office 365) so users will be alerted when the meeting is about to end. This will ensure that meetings will always end on time and users are not hogging the conference rooms.

Display the Calendar

A 6 hour block period will be shown on the display. This way, your users will be able to know if the conference room is available or not for any last minute meetings.

Voice Interface Alerts

Ubiq automatically alerts the users in the conference room when their meeting is about to end and when the next meeting will start.

Real-time Calendar

All meetings will be synced up in real-time. Whether you're looking to book a last minute meeting or cancel an upcoming meeting, the updates will show up on the display promptly.

Download the Security Document