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About Jamesway Incubator

Since it was founded in 1890, Jamesway has designed, installed, and maintained incubators for some of the world’s leading farms. In 1959, they launched the world’s first multi-stage incubation system, and in 1997, they invented a self-stacking tray that doubles the amount of eggs a typical transport vehicle can carry.


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Using cables in the conference room required constant troubleshooting, which drained IT’s time as well as the time of end users. Other wireless presentation solutions failed to provide a seamless experience and introduced a different set of troubleshooting issues.


Deploying Ubiq in the Jamesway conference rooms allowed both internal and guest users to connect their laptops to the projector instantly.


Since 2014, every presentation at Jamesway has been delivered through the Ubiq Hive.

When it comes to creating Worry Free Hatcheries, the folks at Jamesway Incubator certainly know a thing or two: For over 100 years, Jamesway has designed and installed incubators for some of the world’s leading farms, including Sanderson Farms, Aviagen, and Cedrob.

But when it came to creating their own Worry Free conference rooms, Jamesway ran into a few hiccups.

“Before Ubiq, we just connected the projector directly to a laptop,” says Rob Welton, Jamesway’s IT manager. “So if there were 5 people that needed to present something, they’d all have to bring their own laptops or coordinate to get all the presentations on one laptop.”

The shortcomings of this approach were immediately obvious. “We ran into problems all the time. Different screen resolutions, different video outputs,” Rob reports. “There was always something you had to mess around with to get it to work.”

In an effort to simplify Jamesway’s conference rooms, Rob began researching wireless presentation solutions. He quickly realized that not all wireless systems are the same.

“Before we looked at Ubiq, we had an IOGEAR wireless presentation solution, but it had a really limited range,” Rob recalls. “In some cases, if the end users were standing on the opposite side of the table, the connection would get a little spotty. I think the maximum range for them was about 30 feet if you wanted to stream video. It was okay if you just wanted to show static images. But to stream video, you had to stand fairly close to the box in order to get the best quality.”

Rob then set his sights on Ubiq. The contrast was overwhelming. “It handles different resolutions from different computers. It will display what you want it to display. You don’t have to fiddle with the settings,” says Rob. “And with the Active Directory integration, it makes everything so much easier.”

Rob wasn’t the only one at Jamesway who recognized Ubiq’s value. “We have some new managers and directors here and as soon as they saw that they could use Ubiq to connect, their initial reaction was ‘Let me use this!’ They all say it’s so easy, you just start it up, click on the Hive you want, and away you go. They use it whenever they can. It’s so much easier than finding a cable.”

Jamesway’s weekly status meetings are attended by both internal and guest users, and Rob reports that Ubiq allows both groups to present with ease. If guest users have already downloaded the Ubiq application, connecting to the screen takes less than 5 seconds. If they haven’t already downloaded the app, connecting rarely takes longer than two minutes. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a user approach me and say,’I’m having trouble downloading this.’” says Rob.

Of Ubiq’s many virtues, Rob singles out the speed of the connection as the most impressive. “Every time Ubiq releases new software or upgrades the hardware, the connection time gets faster. With this latest upgrade, the connection is almost instant.”