Wireless Presentations

How can Ubiq help you?

Ubiq allows any user to start presenting in under 1 second.

The biggest reason meetings run late is cable connectivity issues. We help your meetings run on time by allowing you to present wirelessly. Our hardware connects to your display through HDMI and let’s you wirelessly project from your device with the click of a button.


Ubiq is taking enterprise security to a new level by integrating with the organization’s existing network (corporate and guest network), which allows users to be on the appropriate network while presenting. Ubiq also integrates with services like Active Directory which allows IT to see who is using the meeting rooms.


With Ubiq, presentations don’t have to be a mystery. Ubiq provides reliable & consistent performance across all your conference rooms that you can scale to fit all your presentation needs.

Stop using cables. Start using Ubiq for your meeting rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?

We’re running an exclusive free trial program. Fill in the form here and get a trial if you qualify

Why is there an annual license fee?

We charge our customers a hybrid model – one-time hardware fee and annual license fee. Our annual license fee includes: cloud management dashboard, weekly software upgrades, support, maintenance and all free hardware upgrades.

How does Set-up work?

Our set-up is simple. You should receive your dashboard credentials prior to receiving your hive(s). Connect your hive(s) with ethernet, power the hive(s) with the power adapter provided and plug in the HDMI to the display. After that, download the application from here, and start your presentation instantly. For more detailed instructions, please visit resources.

What if I have problems with the set-up?

We have designed our product to be out of the box ready, regardless of your infrastructure. If there are any questions during the process, let us know and we will walk you through the whole process.

What happens after the set-up?

After the set-up, IT will receive a web based training conducted by our Ubiq team. A detailed user manual will be provided for you and your users to review.

How are the hives secure?

Ubiq integrates with your existing network, which ensures that both corporate users and guests are on the appropriate network. We’ve also included an access code for users where only users in the meeting room will see a visible pin code where they will be allowed to enter prior to making a wireless connection.

Is the information presented private?

We care deeply about privacy issues. A Ubiq presentation is done over an encrypted live stream and does not record any information.