Productive, thought provoking or non-value add – whatever the view is on the relevance of business meetings, a study shows that 15 per cent of an organization’s collective time is spent on meetings. Hence, they are not going to disappear any time sooner. But with an optimized meeting room setup, AV equipment, and the right mindset, we definitely have the power to transform meetings into a tool for some great team collaboration and productivity.

Broadcast wirelessly

With the advancements in technology, it’s now easy to bring meetings and collaboration to the masses. Rent a conference room and use a wireless presentation to broadcast a webinar, round table discussion bouncing ideas off one another.

Think outside the meeting

Thanks to the technology that meetings no longer have to be in cramped, traditional board rooms or conference rooms. Meeting rooms are now seen as ‘enablers’ rather than ‘containers’, and they strive to be more humble yet fluid, connected and inspiring. Install conference room AV and cable-free presentation, and voila! You can have your meeting room set up anywhere. And for a bit of spice, install a table tennis table next to the conference table for mini bursts of gameplay in between the meetings – like Dreamhost in La Brea, California below:

Let comfort be the driving force

When was the last time you felt relaxed with your conventional meeting room being an inviting haven for creativity and ideas? It’s very difficult to feel relaxed by sitting up right, constantly being aware of a formal meeting room set up, especially when a meeting is supposed to go on for hours. With the help of wireless presentation capabilities, offices these days are able to make meeting rooms out of anywhere. So, let comfort drive you and your ideas for those couple of hours when you are in a meeting. Get cosy chairs, a perky rug and just get going. For instance, look at this meeting room from Moo, a business stationery and promotional experts in London.

Etsy’s meeting rooms have a vintage feel to it, reflecting their online reputation.

Get an updated AV equipment

Although overhead projectors have been used by organizations for as long as we can remember, more and more businesses are now adopting newer technologies, and AV equipment are increasingly being used to streamline meetings and make them more efficient. An update AV set up means you are more flexible in terms of the kind of devices used by the attendees in meetings.

Take it outdoors

According to workspace strategist Kursty Groves “Nature has a profound impact on humans. Sunlight, fresh air and natural surroundings positively affect people’s sense of wellbeing and happiness.” With contemporary adaptable boardroom technologies like wireless presentation, conference room AV equipment, you can now consider taking your meetings outside the conference room. For ideas to flow you need to take your ideas to place and set up where they can flow.

Final word

With the right meeting room setup and technology, you can do wonders in terms of productivity drastically improving the efficiency of meetings – promoting stronger collaboration and happier businesses and customers.