Earlier this week, we discussed some of the basics of choosing furniture for your conference room. Today we will take a look at another aspect of conference room renovation: decor.

If you spend all day dealing with VMWare and VLANs, it’s probably safe to say that interior design isn’t your forte. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Color palette

The color of your conference room is an enormous factor in determining the mood of whoever steps inside it. A red or yellow room will give your employees a jolt of energy, a blue or green room will help them relax. The wall color can also influence how the size of the room is perceived. If your conference room is small, then it’s better to go with a light color pallet since it makes the room appear bigger than it is.

A company whose employees are jittery and suffer from claustrophobia would therefore be well-advised to paint their conference room light blue. 

  • Lighting scheme

The importance of lighting in the conference room cannot be overstated. If the lights are so bright that employees require sunglasses or so dim that they require night vision goggles, productivity will suffer. One way to avoid this is to install a control panel with multiple dimmers so that employees can make micro-adjustments to the light levels.
You may also want to consider installing wall washers and spotlights. A few well-placed wall washers can make even the dingiest, most hopeless conference room seem hip and futuristic. A special light aimed at the general area where you anticipate the speaker to stand is also a wise investment.

  • Microphone

It’s always a good idea to make sure that your conference room microphones don’t clash horribly with the table. If your table has round edges, try to find microphones that also have round edges. Few things in the business world are more comical than circular conference room tables that have sharp, angular microphones sticking out of them.

  • Whiteboard With Stand

No matter how elegant and sophisticated your conference room may look, a cheap, poorly placed dry erase board can ruin it all. If you’re going to spend money painting your walls, you may want to refrain from applying a power drill to your paint job just so you have a place to hang your $5 whiteboard.
Instead of drilling holes into your freshly painted walls, why not just buy a whiteboard with a stand? It looked cool on the TV show House, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t look cool in your conference room.