Like any new technology, it always starts out as a novelty. It is often something you want, but don’t necessarily need. Take cars, for example. When the first automobiles were introduced many people may have wanted one, but they just weren’t practical, and the horse and carriage was working just fine.
That all changed as cars became faster, more reliable, and eventually more affordable to the masses. Now we can’t imagine life without them. The same was true for the telephone, computer, smart phones, and many other revolutionary technologies. Wireless presentation technology is headed down that same road.
To determine what is truly necessary in the business environment, let’s examine the fine line between a need and a want, when it comes to technology. A want becomes a necessity when environmental forces tip the balance and create a scenario where functioning without the new technology actually creates real challenges to obtaining business objectives. It goes from being “nice to have”, to being “necessary” in getting the job done right.
Take computers in the realm of word processing. There came a tipping point where typewriters became obsolete because of the unavoidable efficiencies created with computer word processing. Wireless presentation appears to be currently at that tipping point. But has it really reached the status of “need”, or is it still just “nice to have”?
Some would argue that we are not to the point of necessity yet. There are still work environments where wireless presentation is not necessary to carry out the businesses objectives. This is exactly what happens at the tipping point of a technology’s usefulness. Companies on the forefront of technology will be early to adopt, while other companies are slower to adopt. Eventually it becomes mainstream, and is adopted as a necessity.
It is interesting to observe over the last few years as wireless presentation technology used to be a novelty. It was something you could use to impress your friends by wirelessly displaying the content from your device up onto the screen. Then, when the meeting actually started, traditional connectivity would prevail.
Times are changing, however. The days when everybody had a laptop with multiple AV plugins are gone. Current devices have limited connection ports, and some have none at all. Many people do not even own a laptop, and companies like Microsoft are attempting to blur the lines between tablet and PC.
The current business environment, in general, is revolving more and more around wireless connectivity. Most employees now carry smartphones that are always connected to the internet. Cloud computing is facilitating the ease of sharing information wirelessly.   As more employees, clients, vendors, and other parties implement these sophisticated devices, the demand for wireless presentation will be unavoidable.
In conclusion, it appears to be evident that wireless presentation technology is quickly becoming a necessity (if it is not already). This is the direction where business is headed, whether we are ready or not.

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