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In our previous blog entry, we took a look at conference room tables. Since forcing your end users to sit on the floor during business meetings is usually frowned upon, you’ll probably want to buy some conference room chairs to go along with your table. If that’s the case, you’re in luck: We’ve looked at hundreds of conference room chairs and compiled a list of 10 that we think really stand out.

As we saw in the previous entry on tables, chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The trick here is to get chairs that aren’t stylistically the opposite of your table. For instance, if you’ve gone with a lush mahogany table out of The Godfather, you may want to refrain from buying hipster-y wooden stools to place around it.

And now without further ado, our list…

Farrah (National Office Furniture)

conference room chairs
Although intended for lounge seating, we think that the tapered legs and inset base panels would look pretty in a conference room.

Respect (National Office Furniture)

conference room chair
Environmentally-conscious companies may want to consider National Office Furniture’s Respect line, which earns SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and level 2 certifications, which means it can contribute to LEED points.

Lavoro (National Office Furniture)

conference room chair
National Office Furniture’s Lavoro combines sleek metal arm rests with a subtly curved back support that looks like it belongs inside a luxury Italian car.

Valoví Chair (Opendesk)

conference room chair
Engineered from 19 interlocking parts, Valoví features a curved seat and back to ensure maximum comfort.

Tivoli (Calibre Office Furniture)

Tivoli (2)
For companies that are unable to avoid longer meetings, uncomfortable chairs are bad for business (except for perhaps the chiropractic business). Calibre’s Tivoli, which features a stretched structural synthetic mesh upholstered with 10mm thick injection molded polyurethane foam padding, is ideal for those longer marathon sessions.

Sculpe High Stools (Calibre Office Furniture)Stools0-10196 (2)

There’s no rule that says conference tables need to have chairs. If your table is high enough, these stools from Calibre would get the job done just as well.

Balance Stool (Krost)

And now for something completely different: Not only does Krost’s self-balancing stool follow the user’s every movement, it also returns to its upright position after each use. For start-ups attempting to do something outside the box with their conference room, there are few better alternatives.

Page Chair (Boss Design)


For companies seeking a 60s vibe, Boss’s Page chair is a tour de force of retro chic.

RBG Task Chair (Teknion)

Teknion’s RBT (responsive back technology) chair incorporates patented technology that responds to the shape of the user’s back and supports continuous changes in posture.
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Want to set up a wireless Conference Room?Try Now

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A special thank you to National Office Furniture, Opendesk, Teknion, Krost Furniture, Boss Design, Calibre Office Furniture, Trilux, and Philips for making this possible.
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Want to set up a wireless Conference Room?Try Now

For IT managers, renovating conference rooms can be a mixed bag. On the one hand, few things in life are more satisfying than throwing out old AV equipment and replacing it with state of the art technology. On the other hand, IT managers are not interior designers, know nothing about conference room furniture, and are as out of place in an office furniture store as a sales rep in a server room.

So for all those IT managers out there who are installing high-end projectors, cameras, and speaker systems in their conference rooms and are thinking about adding some new furniture to go along with all that new technology, here are a few things you need to know.

The Size

The first thing you need to do is take measurements of the room. Knowing how big or small your conference room is will help you select the proper size of furniture to place in it. The two biggest mistakes you can make are cramming a tiny room with gigantic conference room furniture and sparsely furnishing a huge conference hall with a few tiny chairs. You need to utilize all available space in the best way possible.

The Conference Room Table

The first piece of conference room furniture you should purchase is the table. Once you have the conference room table in place, the task of picking the chairs, furniture, and appliances (such as a coffee machine, a display board, bookcases, shelves or a water dispenser, etc) becomes easier. When buying the table, think about the shape and the size of the room and the table which would be best suited in the room. You can select an oval, rectangle, and even a U-shaped conference table.

The Conference Room Chairs

The number of chairs that you can fit in the meeting room depends on the size of the conference table. One good way to determine the number of chairs you can have is by knowing that the table’s width in feet is the number of chairs that can be placed comfortably. This means that an 8-foot-wide table will seat eight individuals.

Another way to accommodate more people is to line some chairs against the back wall. This will be helpful during larger meetings where not everyone can be seated at the table due to space constraints.

The Spacing

There should be at least a space of 48 inches between the wall and the table. However, if you want a more comfortable space then you should increase the space to 56 inches.

If you want people to walk sideways between the wall and the chair, keep a space of 16 inches. However, if you don’t want the employees and the visitors to walk sideways then leave a space of 24 inches.

Per chair, allow 30 inches of space on each side. For rising from a chair, keep a space of 32 to 34 inches between the back of the chair and the table.

The ideal space between the visual display board and the table should be 56 inches and there should be at least a bending space of 36 inches for when you want to use the lower shelves of a bookcase.

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