Did you know that temper tantrums occur more frequently in conference rooms with yellow walls than in conference rooms with blue walls?
Or that you can download the blueprint for your conference room table online, then send it off to your local 3D printer to be built?
Or that it’s now possible to turn your entire conference room ceiling into one giant LED light?
All of this—and much, much more—is covered in our first e-book, Conference Room Design: A Guide For the Perplexed.
From picking a wall color to picking a font for your conference room sign, no aspect of conference room design goes unaddressed in this document’s 17 pages. So if you’re thinking about renovating your conference room but aren’t quite sure where to begin, or if you’ve been tasked with upgrading your conference room’s AV setup but are worried you might compromise the room’s aesthetic, don’t panic—we have you covered.
Conference room tables, conference room chairs, conference room decor, conference room lighting—if any of these topics confuse you, simply click here, and we’ll get you all caught up in no time.
And if you enjoy references to Street Fighter 2 and the “over 9000” meme in your descriptions of conference room furniture, we have a feeling you’ll find our e-book especially helpful.
A special thank you to National Office Furniture, Opendesk, Teknion, Krost Furniture, Boss Design, Calibre Office Furniture, Trilux, and Philips for making this possible.
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