One of the oldest jokes in the IT world is that the acronym CIO doesn’t actually stand for Chief Information Officer, but rather Career Is Over. Why the joke has endured for so long is hardly a mystery: Being a CIO is a stressful, difficult job in which failure is the norm. And since boards and shareholders rarely understand what the CIO does, it is also an extremely undervalued position that tends to end up on the chopping block whenever cutbacks are introduced.
But it’s not just boards and shareholders that don’t understand what the CIO does. Sometimes not even the CIO has a firm grasp of what the CIO does. The world of technology evolves at such a rapid pace that keeping up with it requires a commitment to learning that’s almost unthinkable in any other profession.
Luckily, there are dozens of magazines out there to help CIOs avoid this unfortunate fate. Here are 10 of them.

PC Magazine

PC Magazine cover
PC Magazine is the quintessential resource for reviews of technology solutions from hardware to security. While it’s not purely geared towards industry professionals, its Features section can provide insights into the competitive landscapes across the technology sector for personal computing that can be carried over to enterprise solutions.


Macworld cover
Macworld is a consumer magazine focused on Apple and compatible products and services. Whereas PC Magazine focuses on the broader consumer base, Macworld hones in on the hardware and software nuances of Apple with tutorials, reviews, buying guides, and more. While it is consumer focused, CIO/CTOs can use its content to help colleagues understand technology with less tech-speak.


Wired cover
Wired Magazine covers how technology connects to various industries from business to entertainment. It’s a mix of consumer and trade publications, giving insights on trends and the impact of technology on individuals and companies.


CIO cover
No tech leader’s magazine rack is complete without a copy of CIO on it. Leaders not only need to know about new tools, they need to have the data to back up the viability of technology trends. CIO provides it all through informative features, sharp opinions, and case studies/analytical reports. Its online content, including blogs and videos, act as professional development tools for IT managers.

IT Professional Magazine

IT Professional cover
The IEEE Computer Society, an offshoot of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, publishes IT Professional Magazine to connect with developers and enterprise IT managers. They share informative content on a variety of topics from Internet security to system integration. This publication focuses on peer-reviewed, academic research as opposed to news trends or product reviews.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review cover
No matter your position in business, the Harvard Business Review is a must read. It contains a balance of news articles, professional profiles, case studies, and academic research from across the globe. It explores business from a variety of angles, including technology, marketing, and human resources. Readers can benefit from the information to develop strategy and communicate with other business areas.


Forbes cover
Forbes is a classic publication in the business. It is not as academic as the Harvard Business Review, but it digs deep into the business world, no matter the industry. It makes the connection between finance, technology, and efficiency by covering current events, business trends, and top influencers across the globe.

Fast Company

Fast Company cover
Fast Company makes technology news cutting-edge. It focuses on innovation across industries and hones in on how technology has helped people and business thrive. It looks at how creativity is re-inventing how we view business, each other, and the world around us. For CIO/CTOs, it helps to “humanize” technology and make it accessible to everyone across your company.

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review cover
What the Harvard Business Review is to the business world, MIT Technology Review is to the IT world. Based out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this publication features a mix of academic research and current events to report on how technology is filling gaps from education to business to non-profit (and more). It explores innovation, strategy, and development in technology, specifically to business and IT leaders.


Inc Magazine Cover
Whether your business is big or small, Inc. reports on current events and business trends to help get your company on track. It provides insights and resources through relatable storytelling while demonstrating success through companies embracing technology and innovation. Their profile business leaders and rank top companies to give readers a view of the competitive landscape in business and what’s on the horizon.
All of the above-mentioned publications are available in multiple platforms: print, digital, mobile, etc. Many offer supplemental content in the form of videos and podcasts. You can read in the office or during your commute. All the way, you’re continuing to learn as a leader in business and technology.
Have a favorite publication we haven’t listed? Tell us about it and how it has helped you develop your leadership skills in IT.
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