Ubiq Daily - Thursday August 25th,2016

From the CIO

Following the debut of Allo and Duo, Google is now re-branding Hangouts for enterprise in an attempt to reduce its arsenal of consumer-based messaging apps from 8 to 7.

The state of your conference room says a lot about the state of your company. Here are 5 things your conference room should have in order to create the best possible impression.

Some Silicon Valley start-ups are migrating to Arizona to avoid San Fransisco real estate prices, but according to Entrepreneur.com, these companies aren’t going far enough: relocating to Asia is the best strategy to reduce costs.

Technology News

In his new book Blockchain Revolution, Wikinomics writer Don Tapscott predicts that blockchain will have the same impact on government, the financial services industry, and the Internet of Things as wikis had on collaboration. “Once again, the technological genie has been unleashed from its bottle,” he writes. 
Apple’s recent $200 million acquisition of Seattle-based artificial intelligence start-up Turi is good news for Apple and Turi, bad news for everyone else, writes Vinod Iyengar of Tech Crunch.

For those who have trouble prying themselves away from their screens and suffer from insomnia as a result, you’re in luck: Scientists have discovered that going outside during the day counteracts the effect of starring at a blue light at night.

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