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Mike Stone, CIO of the UK’s Ministry of Defence, discusses moving to Microsoft’s Azure cloud.
While the world of home entertainment has evolved rapidly during the last 10 years, the world of conference room technology has remained comparatively stagnant. Here are 5 benefits of bringing your conference room into the 21st century.
Gary King, former CIO of T-Mobile, has joined the board of directors of Soasta, a performance-monitoring software company. The move is part of a growing trend of CIOs becoming board members.

Technology News

How secure are voting machines? “There’s no surefire way to prevent hacking, but if you’ve got good auditing procedures in place, you can catch any tampering,” says Chris Jerdonek, vice president of San Francisco Elections Commission.
HP has bought Samsung’s printer business and 6,500 patents for $1.05 billion. (Whether or not Samsung’s exploding battery patent is included in that deal remains to be seen).
For those who are having a hard time adapting to Apple’s new wireless headphones, case manufacturer Spigen is offering wireless headphone tethers for $10. (Or you can just buy some string for $1 and make your own tethers).