Time is a precious commodity in the workplace. We want to get down to business, complete projects and tasks and do it all as quickly and efficiently as possible. Booming conference technology, like the wireless presentation, can help to alleviate “time suck” or obstacles in productivity.
Here are 5 ways to help you save time with wireless presentations:
1. Centralization: Having a centralized location, like a Hive, can connect people from different platforms through a single access point. There’s limited need to shift calendars and reschedule based on location. You can eliminate the need for travel of remote team members and guests. Everyone can be a part of the meeting.
In addition, your IT team can manage wireless presentations from a single dashboard. It allows them to monitor activity from their desks, rather than going from room to room or waiting on a help desk ticket. To have a central management point, your team is able to be proactive in assisting employees and meeting company expectations.
2. Coordination: Wireless presentations promote greater collaboration. However, with any team activity, there needs to be some coordination. By organizing your presentation as to who will share content from where, it’ll help your meeting run smoother and stay on task and time. You should also work with your remote colleagues and guests to ensure they know how to access the presentation, and how they can contribute. During your presentation, you want the focus to be on your content and message, and not on logistics.
3. Capitalization: Wireless presentations allow you to bring together subject matter experts who can really speak to the issues and topics at hand. Use the wireless presentation to allow them to share their content from their devices to deepen conversations and really hone in on where the opportunities are. Your employees don’t want to go to meetings to sit in a room and make small take. They want takeaways and insights from those in the know. Really work the meeting and the attendees to create a productive session and save time with focus. Carpe diem (and the meeting!)
4. Creativity: The instant nature of wireless presentations gives access to content and people in about 10 seconds. This opens the door to make creative use of everyone’s time. Your wireless presentations need to be engaging and team building, while respecting everyone’s time and efforts. So, find ways to promote time efficiency to begin and end meetings as scheduled.
5. Communication: Conference room technology like wireless presentations have changed the way we do business and how we communicate. They break down silos with enhanced audio and visual connectivity to create real-time experiences. Wireless presentations allow for immediate responses and interaction. Bringing people together from different areas quickly to find solutions promote proactivity over reaction. That helps to save time, not just in a meeting, but for the business overall.
Meetings can break up your workflow. How you manage them will tell if those meetings will benefit or become an obstacle to your work. Wireless presentations are instant means to bring people together and create value. However, time has respected and to be on everyone’s side for your team to be successful.
What tips and tricks have you used to save time in meetings? Let us know how wireless presentations have helped you!