Conference room technology has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. It has changed the way we communicate in the workplace, amongst ourselves, across departments and across the globe. That shift has set expectations for more immediate collaboration and conversation during meetings. This is where the wireless presentation has become a success, for which Ubiq has provided a solution!
Wireless presentations turn meeting rooms into a central access point for content. Through secured environments, team members can meet in one location from various locations and multiple devices. Wireless presentations turn the meeting room into a collaborative place with shareable content and readily available means of communication.
So, why go with Ubiq over anyone else? Ubiq’s wireless presentation system is an all-in-one solution that provides a cable free, hassle free, seamless experience for meetings and conferences. Built around the concept of hives, Ubiq’s hardware resides in the center of your meeting room, connecting people to content across multiple devices and (soon) remote locations.
Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. Easy set-up. Ubiq has designed the system for self set-up and provides step-by-step instructions. Ubiq’s wireless presentation systems integrate with your current IT infrastructure. It works with the A/V technology you currently use. The hardware, also known as a “hive,” only needs to be set up in center of your meeting room. The system is supported by PC and Mac operating systems, and will be compatible with multiple tablet and mobile devices (coming soon).
  2. Quick access. Wireless presentations can be activated and accessed in under 10 seconds. Using P2P and WiFi connectivity, it takes a few simple clicks to enter your meeting session in and out of the conference room. Remote presentations will allow for your virtual teams to share in the experience in real-time, creating greater communication and collaborative opportunities.
  3. Ease of Use. Ubiq not only is easy to use, but it promotes productivity. Integrating with calendar tools, like Google Calendar, teams can schedule meetings, reserve rooms and request “hive” access. It sets structure around meeting organization for all parties involved.
  4. Enterprise – level Security.Ubiq works with your enterprise security structure and policies. It can bridge corporate and guest networks to allow all key parties to partake in the same session. Live session data is encrypted and protected to only be accessed through the designated meeting with the hive. Ubiq also supports corporate SSO (single sign-on) to create a simple authentication process through Ubiq’s software.
  5. Less strain on IT. Ubiq is user-friendly. It is meant to empower employees to set-up their own meetings using easy to manage technology with minimal IT involvement. IT can spend their time more efficiently to support your company in other areas. Ubiq also provides an administrative dashboard for monitoring of “hive” activity from a single, remote location. IT does not need to be in the room, and can be proactive in making sure all systems are a-go!

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