When preparing for your big presentation that you’ve been preparing for weeks, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is fumbling around to get your AV equipment set up right before you get ready to give your big presentation. Everyone’s been there before – where you have a big presentation to give but for some reason, you can’t get your laptop connected to the conference room tv, or you forgot to bring the HDMI adaptor for your MacBook, or the channel needs to be changed on the projector to the right channel to be able to view what’s on your laptop screen on the projection screen. Well, all of that is about to be a thing of the past now that the conference room technology to wireless projection is becoming mainstream.
It’s 2015, and we shouldn’t have to go through the agonizing process of setting up our AV equipment every time we give a presentation. When giving wireless presentations, you shouldn’t have to struggle with getting cords untangled, trying to figure out where to plug the cord into the back of a TV, have IT to get the audio visual setup for you, connect your laptop with a cord to projectors or monitors, or use adaptors. Every technological device should just connect to every other technological device wirelessly, and connect with ease!
Although presenting using cords is a daily obstacle, it doesn’t have to be. Using wireless presentation solutions will help save you time, so you can spend your time doing what you’re actually up at the front of the room waiting to do… give your presentation! In addition to eliminating many of the technological obstacles to presenting by implementing wireless presentation technology in your office or boardroom, you will also save time from having to fumble around with setting up the technology, become more focused on preparing to give your presentation, and appear more professional in front of your audience.
Furthermore, if you have a large office with for example 10 different meeting rooms, think about all of the people who work in your office who struggle with the same challenges as you do on a daily basis by having to go through the process of always having to struggle playing around with cords to connect their laptop to the monitor or TV before every meeting. In addition, imagine all of the clients who come into your office to meet with your employees, who have to sit around and wait for the AV to connect and how impatient they get while waiting to be presented to. We’ve all been there before – wishing that the AV problem would just fix itself so the presentation can get underway before we get distracted any further. Imagine how much more tech savvy your business will be, and how much more efficient and productive your office will be by not being slowed down by having to fumble around with AV technology from 10 years ago. To learn more about how you can present wirelessly with ease contact us by clicking the link below.