Let me guess: When you go home at night after a long day of work, you like to relax and kick back with your laptop or tablet, maybe catch a movie or show on-demand, and then read an e-book before you turn in. In addition to what sounds like a relaxing evening, you made it through the whole night with a notable absence: cords. You’ve been going wireless in your own home for years now, and the more you think about it, the more you realize that your business should be doing the same.

“But we already have laptops!” That may be true, but I can guarantee that you haven’t been utilizing wireless office technologies to their full potential. Here are three quick fixes that will spark an increase in productivity around the workplace:

1. Cloud Computing


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Putting information in “the cloud” isn’t just for your music and photos anymore. Businesses across the globe have been utilizing cloud based software for years, and there’s no reason you can’t either. An easy and cost-efficient solution that you can embrace right now is by switching over to services like Google Docs and Dropbox, two services that can handle all of your document and presentation based needs.

2. Wireless Computing Power


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Times have changed since the stylish briefcase laptop, but wireless computing power has always been a key factor in successful business practices. While a laptop centric team is always a good choice, you could take this a step further but investing in products like the Intel Compute Stick. This portable device plugs into any HDMI port you need, and provides the power of mobile computing in a small, effective device that will “wow” any office.

3. Wireless Conference Room Technology 


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The bane of every IT professional: Going into a meeting room and being greeted by a host of unorganized wires and cords. Rather than make everyone awkwardly check their phones and drum the desk in front of them, why not invest in actual presentation technology? Ubiq’s own ‘Hive’ wireless presentation plugin gets rid of the need for additional cables and specialist IT personnel, meaning more time can be spent on getting the presentation right and less on worrying about technical problems occurring.