From the CIO
Oliver Bussmann of UBS and Level39 argues that the days of lone geniuses locking themselves away in rooms and inventing game-changing technology single-handedly are over. The future of innovation will be collaborative.
Liv Fiksdahl, CIO of Norway’s largest bank, discusses how outsourcing the equivalent of 500 full-time IT positions to India helped her reduce costs by nearly 60%.
Marty Miner, CIO of Leidos, reflects on the lessons he learned after inheriting an IT organization that was on the brink of disaster. “No one division in IT was responsible for ensuring IT operations and business continuity, and all the divisions were doing some type of development,” he recalls.

Technology News

Why do the children featured in this viral video assume that print magazines are broken iPads? Jonathan Margolis of the Financial Times discusses how technology is changing the way our brains are wired.
If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with emerging trends, expand your network, and redeem some of your soon-to-expire AirMiles (just five months until all of your pre-2012 miles vanish into thin air), CIO.com has you covered. They’ve compiled a sortable list of the fall’s most important upcoming tech conferences, not all of which will take place in Vegas.
Jacqueline Chan released a new blog article on ‘3 wireless technologies that can give your IT superpowers.’
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