Like dentist appointments, speaking in front of large crowds, and eating large quantities of raw asparagus, business meetings are not something that people generally look forward to. The reasons for this are almost too many to list: Finding an available meeting room can feel like searching for the mythical city of El Dorado, sending a laptop screen to the conference room TV can be as time-consuming as a New York Times crossword puzzle, and Larry from accounting always shows up 10 minutes late and insists on being informed of what he missed.
All in all, meeting rooms are to time what black holes are to matter.
But do you know exactly how much time you’re wasting in meetings? In the below infographic—produced in collaboration with Teem—we outline some of the statistics associated with meeting room time-wastage. If you happen to have a beverage in your hand, you may want to rest it gently against the nearest flat surface before proceeding: Some of the figures may shock you.
Conveniently, we also offer some solutions to help you cut back on some of this insane time-wastage, should you feel inclined to move in that direction.
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