With businesses updating their IT software platforms constantly, the demand for skilled IT workers has never been greater. As cloud-based solutions and integrated mobile devices become the new standard, businesses are investing more and more money on workers that can maintain, update, and keep IT infrastructure running smoothly. Below, we will explore some of the most demanded IT infrastructure skills that are crucial in today’s business world.

1. Help-desk & Tech Support

IT Infrastructure skills

As the latest technologies are rolled out to businesses around the world, there has been a huge increase in demand for skilled help-desk and IT support workers. The problem with new technologies is that things can go wrong, and even if they don’t, many employees will need a lot of training to know how to use them properly. That being said, when something does go wrong, businesses will want the problems solved as quickly as possible and will need to contact either a help-desk or hire the skills of an IT support worker.

2. Programming & Application Developer

IT Infrastructure skills

The demand for skilled programmers and developers has never been higher. Companies and businesses all require the latest software applications, and all of them want their networks and existing software to work alongside it seamlessly. That’s why it’s so important for these developers to be present and have the ability to test, update, and monitor these systems and platforms, ensuring they are always operating to their full potential.

3. Website Developers

IT Infrastructure skills

Nearly every business has a website in one way or another. Whether it’s just an informational page that states the address and opening times to a fully functional e-commerce store, websites are a business’ first point of contact with the majority of potential clients and it’s so important to get the first impression right.

On top of this, modern day websites have so many options and features that can be integrated to provide a great experience that things can get very technical very quickly. This is why the need for skilled and professional web developers has skyrocketed and demand will definitely continue to rise as the year progresses.

4. Mobile Device & Application Developers

IT Infrastructure skills

The more mobile device technology progresses, the more functions it can provide for businesses, streamlining workflows and giving people the ability to work from anywhere. With this in mind, it can take time and skill to install complicated setups that allow this process to run seamlessly, hence the ever-increasing demand for mobile-based developers. To ensure all systems are running smoothly and operating to their maximum efficiently, businesses are employing more people into this job role than ever before.

5. Cloud Engineers

IT infrastructure skills

Continuing on from mobile developers, there has been a massive increase in the amount of cloud-based platforms that allow businesses to save incredible amounts of money on server space and allow for complete freedom when accessing information and applications. To ensure processes are running at maximum efficiency and remain productive, cloud developers and engineer roles are ever increasingly and becoming a very required part of today’s business model and today’s IT infrastructure.

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