When a TV is turned off, it’s basically just a big slab of glass and plastic that doesn’t serve any function other than to take up space. In the consumer world, this isn’t much of a problem: In the era of Netflix binge-watching and 3-day-long Game of Thrones marathons, very few people complain that their TV just sits on the wall unused. In the business world, the situation is a bit different. When business presentations aren’t in session, most conference room TVs remain powered off.
Given how expensive TVs can be (especially if your company has shelled out for a fancy 4K model), this seems like a bit of a waste.
Luckily, the Ubiq wireless presentation solution is also a digital signage solution. By logging into the Ubiq dashboard, you can send videos, photos, and weblinks to all of your conference room TVs. Rather than force your employees to look at a black screen every time they walk by the conference room, why not keep them motivated by showing them infographics regarding incentives, business wins, or new product information?
The below video explains everything you need to know about Ubiq’s digital signage in just 50 seconds.