Ubiq Daily - Thursday September 1st, 2016

From the CIO

Scott Spradley, CIO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, discusses how he managed to spearhead two major asset splits within the span of just 12 months.

Pictures and videos of cute cats are arguably the two biggest obstacles to worker productivity. Here’s how to counteract them.

For those living in cramped 1 bedroom apartments, building a home office can feel a lot like playing a game of Tetris. To free up space, Inc.com recommends putting your office in your hallway.

Technology News

Hackers obtained 68 million user names and passwords from Dropbox in 2012. It took Dropbox 4 years to notice.
A study conducted by the University of Surrey reveals that 40-50% of IT in the U.K. is effectively out of date.

The collapse of WrkRiot (formerly 1For.One and JobSonic) has riveted Silicon Valley all week. Katie Benner of the New York Times investigates how it all went wrong.

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