From the CIO

When the Snowden documents leaked in 2013, many predicted a bleak future for American cloud vendors in Europe. According to, these predictions have been horribly off-base: Amazon Web Services pulled in $11 billion in 2016, and AWS, Microsoft, Alphabet’s Google, and IBM all increased their market share by a third.
Millennials are beginning to take on management positions, and they are having a hard time winning over their older subordinates: 45% of baby boomer and Gen-X employees think their millennial managers have a negative impact on company culture.
Motivational speaker Tony Robbins discusses the importance of body language during business meetings and why not looking at your cell phone is the first step to not wasting everyone’s time.

Technology News 

Bernard Marr of Forbes reports on Food Cloud’s efforts to reduce food waste through Big Data and crowd sourcing.
Delta isn’t the only airline that’s been forced to ground all of its flights as a result of a computer glitch: British Airways just experienced a similar IT meltdown.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT drought could be over in the U.S.: 205,000 new IT workers were hired in August.