Many remote employees enjoy the flexibility of working outside of the office while being connected to the office especially during the summer seasons. While many think about the best at-home office set-up or their co-working space perks, what about the cities in which we work?
Netherlands-based tech entrepreneur Pieter Level started NomadList to rank the best places live and work remotely by city across the globe, based on the following criteria, such as:

  • Cost of living (per month)
  • Weather
  • Internet Speed
  • Transportation
  • Visa requirements
  • Access to WiFi-connected coffee shops

With a multitude of factors to consider, the site has an algorithm that updates the data on an hourly basis. The data is crowdsourced, based on registered user information, emotions (fun levels) and location check-ins throughout the world. That data is used to give each city is given a score as a percentage to determine its rank.
What’s interesting is that one might think the best places for remote employees would be busy business travel destinations, like New York, Toronto, London or Tokyo. The list doesn’t include list any of those cities! Here’s the current list of top 10 locations worldwide!

  1. Natal, Brazil
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  3. Varna, Bulgaria
  4. Split, Croatia
  5. Jeju Island, South Korea
  6. Taichung, Taiwan
  7. Cluj, Romania
  8. Thessaloniki, Greece
  9. Monterrey, Mexico
  10. Kigali, Rwanda

Not yet looking to travel the world? You can get the top rankings also by continent or country!
Current Top 10 Locations in North America

  1. Oaxaca, Mexico
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  3. Monterrey, Mexico
  4. Queretaro, Mexico
  5. Hermosillo, Mexico
  6. Dallas, Texas, United States
  7. Miami, Florida, United States
  8. Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
  9. Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
  10. Austin, Texas, United States

Do these lists surprise you? Are you ready to pack up, travel and work on the road? See where your ideal destination ranks by visiting and let us know!