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As more and more people grow accustomed to working on their smartphones and tablets, the need for Enterprise Mobile Management is growing ever-greater. According to Gartner, these five companies are leading the EMM market.
For the first 26 years of its existence, Microsoft’s PowerPoint has held onto a 95% share of the software presentation market. But thanks to these 6 alternatives, PowerPoint’s monopoly could be slipping.
Resisting the temptation to sleep in and watch TV all day isn’t the only problem faced by people who work from home. They also deal with these 3 less obvious issues, writes David Humphreys.

Technology News

Ransomware attacks now occur at a rate of 4000 per day, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Some ransoms are as high as $30,000. Is it time to add a “Ransom Fee” line item to your company’s budget?
Researchers at MIT have developed routers that can be reprogrammed to accommodate new algorithms without sacrificing speed.
With real estate prices climbing higher and higher, Silicon Valley is starting to trickle out into the Sonoran Desert, the New York Times reports.