Podcasts are a popular way to pass the time, especially in the tech community. Techies can turn on a podcast and learn about the latest trends and tools like smart watches or wireless presentation software. Plus, they can listen to expert perspectives on how those tools are changing the IT and business landscape—all while making their daily commute or performing other tasks.
According to a recent study by Edison Research, at least 39 million people listen to podcasts each month. For tech professionals, there are an abundance of podcasts to choose from. A few, however, stand out from the rest.
This Week In Tech
This Week in Tech, also known as TWiT, is one of the most popular and longest running tech podcasts around. The show is hosted by Leo LaPorte and it brings in some of the top thought leaders in the IT world. Each week, special guests join LaPorte and share their perspectives on the biggest technology news and events.
Many IT professionals tune-in to this weekly show or know about it, so if there is one podcast on this list that you can’t miss out on, this is it. Also, if you want to learn even more you can check out TWiT TV to access a wide array of tech-related shows.
Daily Tech News Show
Technology is advancing rapidly. Every other day it seems like there is a new device, collaboration tool, software upgrade, or other digital phenomenon that is emerging. IT leaders are often expected to answer questions about what these new gadgets are and what they mean for the digital landscape.
For the IT professionals that are continuously asked, “What is this new tech…” from colleagues, you might want to check out the Daily Tech News Show. The show is similar to TWiT, but it covers technology on a daily basis, so you can keep up-to-date on the latest news.
TED Radio Hour
Today, CIOs and other IT leaders are not just the the go-to-executives for advice about technology. Many organizations are looking to them for advice about strategy and innovation as well—asking them questions that they wouldn’t have been expected to answer a few years ago.
TED Radio Hour by NPR is a great way for tech professionals to stay well-rounded. Similar to TED Talks, these weekly podcasts focus on innovative and exciting new products, projects, and other developments. The podcast usually has a specific theme each week and experts from around the world delve into the topic further, giving listeners some “food for thought.”
The Cloudcast
One of the lesser-known podcasts on this list, Cloudcast is a weekly podcast that is truly meant for tech professionals. Although it’s a little more technical than the other programs, it provides some interesting perspectives on emerging technologies that the non-expert may find valuable.
The show specifically discusses how certain technologies are changing business. Special guests from tech companies offer their opinions and advice on using emerging tools to complete IT initiatives.
Speaking In Tech
Featuring hosts from some of the top brands in the world like Dell and Hitachi, Speaking in Tech is a lighthearted weekly podcast. During the podcast, the show’s hosts and big-name special guests answer tough, thought-provoking questions about new technologies.
This podcast is one of the best for IT professionals because it isn’t afraid to tackle questions like “How is the Internet of Things affecting us?” and “Has Tim Cook gone dongle crazy?” It may have a bit of a philosophical touch to it, but the show still manages to address real-life problems facing professionals and organizations today.
IT professionals are consistently asked for advice on the latest tech gadget or trend. Listening to podcasts is one of the best ways to learn about emerging industry trends. What are some of your favourite tech podcasts?
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