The traditional way to display your conference room schedule is to grab a post-it note, write “RESERVED!!!” on it, and stick it on your conference room door.
A few companies have innovated on this practice, replacing the post-it note with a proper sign-up sheet that lists out all of the available time slots. Some have even gone so far as to attach a pen and string to the schedule, making the sign-up process that much more convenient.
While both of these methods do a decent job of letting people know when the meeting room is booked, neither is fool-proof. If a meeting is canceled, for instance, a schedule that’s been printed on paper is not going to automatically update itself. And in the off-chance that someone actually remembers to cross out their booking, it’s unlikely that the people who are next in line for the conference room would notice.
All of this can be avoided with a centralized electronic booking system which allows you to use an iPad or tablet as a conference room schedule display. Here are the 4 top booking systems currently on the market.

Conference Room Schedule Display Solution #1: Teem

Formerly EventBoard, Teem is everything you need in a conference room schedule display solution and much, much more. In addition to providing a centralized dashboard, Teem also provides a LobbyConnect Visitor Management System and a feature called Flightboard which—just like an airport flight monitor—allows you to check the status of all of your company’s conference rooms in one glance.
Oh, and it also integrates with just about every program imaginable (Office 365, Exchange Google Apps For Work, Slack, HipChat, etc) and provides detailed analytics that will help you plan your meetings better.

Conference Room Schedule Display Solution #2: Robin Powered

By introducing Bluetooth Beacons into your workplace, you can easily keep track of who’s in which room. It may seem a little Orwellian at first, but it makes booking conference rooms a breeze.
Basically, all you have to do to book a conference room is walk into it. The Beacon will detect your presence and then update the system automatically. A simpler solution is difficult to imagine.

Conference Room Schedule Display Solution #3: RoomWizard

Steelcase isn’t just a furniture manufacturer. They also produce meeting room software too. So if you’re renovating your conference room and want new furniture and a fancy conference room schedule display, you’ll only have to make one phone call.

Conference Room Schedule Display Solution #4: Workscape

Workscape uses smart sensors that can detect whether or not your meeting room is empty or full. If your meeting is canceled at the last minute, there’s no need to update the schedule manually. The smart sensors will detect that no one is in the room and update the schedule automatically.


If you’re thinking about modernizing your conference room schedule display, you may also want to think about modernizing other aspects of your conference room as well. By switching to a wireless presentation solution, for instance, you can save your end users the hassle of sorting through a tangled web of HDMI, VGA, mini DisplayPort cables and adapters every time they want to connect their laptop to the conference room TV or projector.
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