You’ve finally settled on a name for your conference room, now you just need a way to let people know what it is. This is where a catchy conference room sign comes in handy. You want the sign to stand out and grab people’s attention without creating the impression that your workplace is being turned into a Las Vegas casino. The best way to do this is to choose the material and font that work best with your workplace. Here are some of the marquees that can bring in the audience you need.

Here are some of the marquees that can bring in the audience you need.

Staying On The Safe Road

There are a variety of conference room signs that range from plates you put on the door to stand-alone units. If you’re looking for something that is subtle and elegant, you can choose a standard metal sign to place on the door. These come in several different shades so you can find the one that best matches the d├ęcor of the building. They come with removable inserts that can be changed out as needed. This allows you to quickly and easily change the room name, so if you regret naming your conference room “Blue Jays FTW”, you can easily re-name it.

Going Hi-Tech

Another type of conference room sign is a digital board. Though they work in the same way as the placard, they are just a little different. Instead of a handwritten or typed name, these signs display a digital greeting to your guests. They are more expensive than their metal counterparts, but they stand out. The digital display will grab people’s attention and leave your room clearly labeled. And the message can be customized.

Another unique feature that comes with this sign is the fact that the display can change colors to alert attendees of the occupancy of the room. If the color on the board is green, the room has space for more. If, on the other hand, the sign is red, there is no more room in the conference. This allows you to communicate with people without having to stop the conference. These can also be used in conjunction with online applications and calendars so the post can be updated automatically.

A Sign That Goes Anywhere

The last type of sign is the stand-alone unit. This is a metal sign that can stand on it’s own, holding a greeting for your guests. These are perfect for companies that have conferences at other locations, such as hotels and banquet halls. They can be easily transported to the venue to label your conference room. The insert in the post can be changed as needed.

The sign you choose should best meet the needs of the company. Small companies who have conferences in the office can benefit from the traditional metal placard. A more advanced unit, such as a stand-alone post or a digital screen, may work better for a larger company. They can be easily updated and are great for brands that travel often.