The world of enterprise technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Cloud computing, and mobile technology are changing the way we work and share information. Data is said to be the “life blood” of an organization. The better your enterprise gets at storing, disseminating, sharing, and securing that data, the more efficient you will be in accomplishing your goals. Here are some suggestions as to why you want to stay ahead of the technology evolution, and what you need to do to stay current.
1) You Need to Embrace Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is similar to an electric power utility in that the providers benefit from economies of scale, and the users benefit from lower usage costs. Users pay for what they consume without investing all that money into infrastructure. With cloud computing, an enterprise can spend less time managing complex IT resources and more time investing in core mission work.
2) The Mobile Workforce Demands Innovative Enterprise Technology. A high percentage of employees are now using two or more mobile devices to get work done. Your enterprise must accommodate and prioritize this new demand for efficiency and productivity as the line between an employee’s personal and professional lives continues to blur. There is an ever increasing demand to adopt cloud-based enterprise mobility strategies, including the concept of personal clouds.
3) Experimentation Cost is Low. In a world where plugging into the latest enterprise technology requires little more than an API, the cost to test new ideas and concepts has never been lower, and the barrier to entry never been easier. This means that if you see an idea that is worth looking at, you probably don’t need to spend a lot of time and money investing in a new infrastructure before you can get an idea of whether the idea is going to work for your enterprise.
4) Keep Your Data Secure. If you are not keeping up with the latest innovations in technology, you are opening yourselves up for increased liability. As mentioned earlier, data is the lifeblood of your business. However, that same data can also be a huge liability if not properly secured. With increased access to data through cloud computing, there is also an increased demand to share that data. You need to stay ahead of the latest innovations so that you can ensure that your data stays secure and so that you are only sharing the segments of data with the appropriate users, and not creating a free-for-all where everybody has access to everything.
5) The “Office” Has Been Redefined. Chances are that your business is not located in one building. You probably have several locations, and you probably have employees working remotely. How do you tie all of this together in one enterprise solution? This is the reality of the modern business world and the challenge facing IT directors. There are innovative conference room technologies and wireless presentation technologies that facilitate all of this remote work, but you must be aware of the latest trends in this aspect of enterprise technology to ensure efficient productivity in your workforce.

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