When it comes to office equipment, whether you’re outfitting an empty room from scratch or planning a much-needed refurbishment, it can be easy to get carried away. When looking for equipment to buy, it’s too easy to spend a large chunk of your budget on things you don’t really need but convince yourself you do. Here, you can find our list of essential office equipment and some that you really don’t but are nice to have anyway!


office equipment
Must-Have or Nice to Have?: Must-Have
Easily one of the most important aspects of any office, the furniture. You’ll need good quality stable desks with chairs that match the height and provide ample workstation space.  When purchasing these items, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be able to sit comfortably and won’t suffer from back pain or hurt your neck when sitting.  Likewise, make sure you have another space on your desk.  There’s nothing worse than buying one, setting up your computer and realizing you have no space for anything else.

What you might not need is desk accompaniments. This can include anything from cup holders, built-in USB sockets, wire organizers etc.  Many desks come with a lot of added features that you might think you need at the time.  Clips built in to hold and organize your wires might sound like a great idea but if you’re only going to be putting a laptop on your desk, you’re paying for features you won’t use.


office equipment
Must-Have or Nice to Have?: Must-Have (except for super expensive ones, which fall in the Nice to Have category)
Another vital piece of office equipment is your computer. Whether using a desktop or laptop, getting your computer right can make a huge difference in your productivity. Make sure when buying your PCs, research what is the best decision for you. What sort of tasks are you going to be completing and what kind of power does the computer need to handle that sort of workload?

As nice as it would be to walk into the office and see each workstation lit up by the latest Macbooks or high-performance PCs, if you’re going to be working on spreadsheets and answering emails, that kind of computing power is just unnecessary and investing in them would be a huge waste of money.

Core Electronics

office equipment
Must-Have or Nice to Have?: Must-Have
Leading on from computers, you’re going to want a printer. Searching online, you can see so many printers, each with their own range of features from basic printers to full scaled fax & photocopier printers. Do your research! Will you need to fax other companies or clients? Are you going to need a photocopier or are you working solely online? The price difference between a basic printer and a fully functional one is huge and you don’t want spend unnecessary amounts of your budget.

Other Electronics

office equipment
Must-Have or Nice to Have?: Nice to Have
When looking to invest in office equipment, it’s important to take note on what you need for your office to run smoothly and to maximum efficiency. Think of electronic hardware that you’ll need. Projectors? Fax machines? Laminators? These are all facilities that you would expect to find in a fully functional office and there’s no better feeling than walking into a full equipped office that is ready to run.  Ask yourself, do you really need these appliances? You could waste huge amounts of your budget investing in these appliances, especially if you purchase top-of-the-range brands.
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