Every year, CEOs and other company leaders cite increasing revenue or acquiring new clients as their top priority. However, many overlook key changes that they need to focus on first in order for those goals to be viable. To succeed in 2017, the leadership team needs to start caring about these 5 priorities now.

1. Employee Development

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. They manage the day-to-day processes that keep your company running. However, a recent report from CareerBuilder reveals that over 21 percent of employees may be entertaining new job opportunities this year. That is an increase of 5 percent from last year. In 2017, it is crucial for company leaders to focus more on their employees, specifically on their development programs.
Last year, 41 percent of individuals reported that they wanted to better their career, and it’s doubtful that figure has changed in the last 12 months. It is crucial for companies to offer employees development tools and opportunities and challenge them in a healthy way that promotes their own personal growth and development.

2. Cyber Security

Security is no longer simply a concern for IT departments or third-party providers. Company leaders need to care about data security in 2017. In the past three years, the global cost of data breaches has broken record levels, according to the Ponemon Institute.
Plus, a cyber attack can be nearly impossible for companies to overcome. Organizations need to earn back the trust of employees, customers, clients, and others that may be affected by it, a feat that is impossible for most. Cyber security is a company-wide issue, and the entire executive team needs to be involved in training, planning, and responding to it.

3. Innovation and Transparency

Technology has completely transformed businesses today, and it will continue to change in the coming years. Advanced collaboration tools, social media, and data analytics have opened up more offices to a culture of innovation and transparency.
Employees and customers increasingly value a brand’s trust and honesty. In order to build that trust, companies need to show employees that they value the opinion of their constituents and to provide them with opportunities to share them.

4. Mobile Technology

More businesses are trading in their desktops for laptops and tablets.They are unplugging their meeting room cables and projectors and upgrading to wireless presentation solutions. Embracing mobile solutions in the workplace is one of the most important priorities for company executives this year. Based on a Harris Poll report, over 90 percent of IT leaders say enterprise mobility is a critical function to overall business performance. Both customers and employees want more mobile tools, and executives need to take notice.

5. Customer Experience

This year could be known as the “year of the customer”, according to several reports. A study by Accenture found that improving the customer experience is the top focus and motivator behind digital transformation. In the study, both B2C and B2B organizations named improving the online customer experience as one of their top priorities for the coming year.
Customers want their experience to be integrated seamlessly, whether it is in-person or through digital means. They also want it to be personalized for them. In order to meet new customer expectations, each member of the leadership team needs to get involved.
Ultimately, leadership teams want their businesses and their revenues to grow in 2017. When leaders start caring about things like customer experience and mobile technologies in the workplace, they will be more likely to reach those goals.
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