It can be hard to ensure that your team is working to its full potential when they are not in the same room. Web conferencing platforms have been a fantastic tool allowing organizations and individuals to collaborate, no matter where they are in the world. Unfortunately, this does come with some downfalls. By being part of a virtual team, there can be many issues that arise leading to inefficiency. Here, we will explore a few ways to make sure your team stays on task and operates to their highest potential.

Share Your Screens

Wireless screen sharing is a revolutionary technique that helps to make collaboration within teams easy. By using a web-based screen sharing solution, individuals can easily share ideas, documents and links work that members would have otherwise been working on individually. Combined, this increases productivity within a team tenfold.

Time Tracking

By using software platforms that track time, you can easily identify weak spots in your online team by assessing what they do and by setting deadlines, which ensures tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner. By utilizing online time sheets, you can review every individual team member and see how productively those members are collaborating together.

Implement Cloud Servers

The majority of web meeting platforms allow for file sharing, but what about having a team server? Some of the most popular platforms include Dropbox and Google Drive but there are plenty of other options on the market, all covering their specific niche. By using cloud servers, members of your online teams can share, view and upload documents, making them easily accessible to everyone else. By using systems like these, your organization can save time and complete tasks a lot more quickly.

Make Applications Accessible

When working with online teams, various members may be located around the world. This means everybody is working in different time zones and some people may not be available at the same time as everyone else. By making your applications easily available, either by computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, team members can access files and communicate, anywhere and anytime. By implementing this across the board, you can increase team efficiency to no end.

Online Brainstorming

When organizing an online team, it can be difficult to get everybody on the same page, especially when those team members are working remotely. By using a brainstorming platform, you’re ensuring that everybody in the team is seeing the same data as everybody else and that they’re visually all on the same page. By having all your team members in the same frame of mind, online collaboration becomes easy, allowing tasks to be completed efficiently and on time. There are a vast range of platforms to choose from, one of the most popular and most mainstream solutions being
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